WXHR apply professional resources to full play and promote enterprise human resource advantage and the improvement of the competitiveness of the organization.  Many consulting experts and consultants involve in enterprise training to create consulting and training solutions for enterprises.

   One: enterprise training project

  1.corporate training

   Consulting training service,enterprise training program customization,enterprise opportunity and problem diagnosis,provide training suggestion

   Support complete training system,organize outdoor training and team training activities for enterprises. class

   Provide systematic training for enterprises

   Provide a comprehensive curriculum system to enhance the competitiveness of organizations and individuals as the core

   Provide the most cutting-edge courses

  Two: management consulting

 WXHR provide many different consulting service for enterprises,including case consultation for bottleneck problems encountered by enterprises in the development process or certain aspects; strategy and development planning consulting; execution consulting system; human resource management; production management consulting; quality improvement consulting;

 Take the way of collective communication of important and related department leaders,on-site Q & A and give suggestions for improvement. Provide one-to-one consulting of difficult management problems encountered in work for entrepreneurs, professional managers and senior managers, help them put forward ideas and methods. It is aim to change the philosophy of senior managers and improve their individual management level, for their success to show the right way,broaden vision in management.

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