Personnel agency


Personnel agency means that professional institute accepts commissions from company or individual according to requirements of related national policies and regulations and provides one or multiple human resource management services including archives management, social security agency, salary payoff, policy consultation within service item scope to make enterprise focus on core link management, improve management efficiency and reduce human resource management cost.

WXHR provides the following personnel agency services for enterprise clients in a variety of scales and industries with professional service and flexible product scheme by virtue of service network covering the whole province:

Social security service

Base review of social security/calculation/declaration/payment, annual audit, account combination and transfer, occupational injury declaration and compensation handling

Housing fund service

Expense calculation of housing fund/declaration/payment, account combination and transfer, housing provident fund loan/withdrawal guidance and assistance handling

Salary service

Salary payoff and individual income tax declaration service

Employee archives service

Provide unified filing services for employees, issue related personnel certificate according to archives, employment/dismissal formalities handling and other services.

Investigation analysis

Provide employee satisfaction, salary level and other investigation and analysis services.

Labor dispute handling and policy consulting

Provide information related to personnel and labor management and promulgated government policy and provision recently, provide labor dispute consulting and handling service 




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