Labor dispatch

IV. Talent dispatching

Talent dispatching is a new employment mode in which professional institute signs labor contract with dispatched employee who provides services for employment enterprise.

1. Dispatching type

. Complete dispatching: WXHR undertakes a whole set of employee dispatching service work, including talent recruitment, selection, training, performance evaluation, remuneration, welfare, safety, health, etc.

. Transfer dispatch: employment enterprise recruits, select and trains personnel and WXHR signs labor contract with employees and takes charge of employee remuneration, welfare, performance evaluation, handling labor dispute and other affairs.

. Personnel reduction dispatching: personnel reduction dispatching means that the enterprise transfers the identity of employer of recruited or employed employee to WXHR with a view to reducing fixed employee of enterprise and increase enterprise’s organization resilience in the face of risk and elasticity of human resource. 

. Temporary dispatching: such as short-term dispatching, project dispatching, night dispatching, clock time dispatching, weekend dispatching, etc.

2. Dispatching advantage

. Avoid risk

. Simplify process

. Reduce cost


. Save time 

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